I want to order a building, what is the next step?

Just pick up the phone and give us a call on 087 915 8258 to order, or  get a free quotation.

What colours are your buildings available in?

There are standard colours to choose from: Black, Goosewing Grey, Juniper Green, Merlin Grey, Moorland Green, Mushroom, Olive Green, and Vandyke Brown. We can also produce units in off standard colours if required and different cladding effects such as wood and stone.

Do I need a concrete base?

Yes, all of our steel units require a strong concrete base to mount the building on.  You can install the concrete base yourself or alternatively we can take care of all groundwork, concrete bases etc within the Northeast.

Do you provide custom made buildings?

All of our buildings are made to order so yes they are fully custom made to our clients exact specifications.

Do you offer supply only?

Yes we can offer supply only however we will not guarantee the building if it is not installed by White Design Build.

How long will it take to build my shed on site?

All of our buildings are off-site manufactured so installation on site takes a very short time. A garden shed and most garages can be installed within 1 day however large industrial units may several days depending on the size. If you let us know your specification we can give you an accurate on-site installation time.